DClear Digital Clearing House

The First Digital Clearing House of the World

Secure assets, secure transaction, secure data
smart contract, decentralized storage, transparent info
Multisig, Doomsday Consensus, Auditable
Solving the problem of asset security
Elimination of asset and data fraud
Optimizing liquidity

The concept of detripling is the guiding ideology of DClear’s digital assets trading and clearing system, which aims to break the drawbacks of “all-in-one” issue and bring a secure, transparent and credible new token economic ecology to the industry. The concept of detripling emphasizes that all parties cooperate with each other and are independent of each other. It can not only achieve the efficient operation of the whole system, but also restrict and supervise each other simultaneously. Specifically, the exchange provides transaction services and transmits transaction data to the DClear Digital Clearing House for clearing; the DClear Digtial Clearing House clears transaction data provided by the exchange; and the digital asset depository institution is responsible for the storage and management of users’ digital assets.


The implementation of detripling will support the daily operation of DClear Digital Clearing House and depository institutions with the PoDT consensus mechanism and related chain codes of Hyperledger DClear, ensuring transparency and credibility with the decentralized system as well as efficiency and equity with the centralized module. Exchanges (clearing members) submit transaction data; DClear Digital Clearing House generates clearing lists; the three parties complete the settlement after reaching PoDT consensus of the clearing lists.

DClear aims to solve the problems of asset security, black box and liquidity, and promote the development of market compliance.

DClear Technology

Credible Gateway

Eliminate systemic risks in the management of digital assets

Mapping accounts

Ensure the correctness and efficiency of ledger updates.

Private Channel

Ensure data security among peers of consortium chain

PoDT Consensus

Enhance the credibility of the clearing and settling process.
DClear Products
DClear Token

DCH is the token of DClear ecosystem. The initial supply is 1 billion, with an annual increase of 1% for the construction of DClear community.

DCH application scenarios include clearing member mortgage deposit, clearing service fees, voting, data verification, etc.

total 1,000,000,000
2019 Q2
DClear system design;
Publishing project whitepaper;
Team Building;
2019 Q3
Issue ERC20 project token and launch on MXC;
DClear clearing system product development, complete the test version;
Build Hyperledger DClear test chain, research and development of PoDT consensus , chain code testing;
2019 Q4
DClear Digital Clearing House v1.0;
Hyperledger DClear v1.0;
Starting clearing bussiness with exchanges;
establishing Hong Kong branch and select global partners;
2020 Q1
Improve the risk control system, chaincode applications, etc;
Publish DClear index products, research and development of liquidity products;
Access to 10 exchanges;
Establish 10 global nodes.
2020 Q2
DClear index products;
Improve the branch system, complete the establishment of 16 global nodes.
2020 Q3
The official version of DClear.
Globalization completed.

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